Celmar Travel and Tours Guide To Moving To Ghana

We are very excited to share the news of the upcoming release of our first Guidebook: Celmar Travel & Tours Guide to Moving to Ghana.

eBook and print versions of the guide will be available for purchase online in February.

Moving to Africa is a trend. There is an excitement about Africa. It exerts a pull and evokes such strong feeling that sometimes the urge is to just pick up and go. We know. We understand the feeling, but we will recommend that you resist that initial urge. Think. Research as much as possible. Find out all the information you will need to take an initial, exploratory trip to help prepare you for the transition of repatriating to another country. We do not want you to get an idyllic, rosy view. We want you to understand the advantages and joys, but also the realistic challenges that will definitely arise at one point or another. When you are aware and knowledgeable, you will be better able to maintain your equilibrium, cope up and live happy. That is why we wrote this guide for you. It is only a guide. Bits and pieces of the information we present in this guide can be found on the internet here and there at various websites. We have put together some of the priorities you should consider when contemplating repatriating to any country in general, and specifically to Ghana, so that you can have access to the information all in one place. (Excerpt: Celmar Travel & Tours Guide to Moving to Ghana)

Copyright: Celmar Travel and Tours, 2018 and Mary N. Oluonye. 2018