Victor M. Afatsawo

Victor pursued several career development courses in various certification standards which include: UTZ certified, GlobalGAP, Tesco Nurture, Fair-trade, Organic, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000 and Ethical Trade (ETI). Victor is an approved Lead Auditor as well as a Technical Reviewer in UTZ Certified, GlobalGAP, Tesco and an Auditor in Quality Management System-ISO 9001:2015 for the past eight years.

As a Certification Expert, Victor has audited high level plantations in Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Cameroun, Senegal and Sierra Leone for SGS Ghana Ltd, a certification body.  In addition, he trains and coaches farmers in the formation of FBOs using certification as a tool.

He has also facilitated and participated in several career development courses, seminars, conferences and workshops in relation to agricultural certification.

Victor is a Local Consultant for Syspons GmBH, Berlin, Germany; Fairmatch Support, Netherlands and a local expert for Pesticide Integrated Programme (PIP) of France.

Victor Afatsawo has experience in crop production (Cocoa, Coffee, Fruits and Vegetables) and extensive management experience in the private sector. He has held several managerial positions some of which include: General Manager, Integrated Agro services; Operations coordinator and Capacity development Manager; Federated Commodities Ltd and is currently a full employee of Transroyal Ghana Ltd., a licensed Cocoa Buying company in Ghana in charge of its sustainability programs.

As a Director and Co-founder of Celmar Travel and Tours Company Ltd., Victor is the general advisor and consultant to the Celmar Group in the area of agro/product tours.

He will take all business tourists, especially those interested in agro-business, on specialized product tours which, incidentally, also includes the opportunity to do some sightseeing.  Our product tours are designed to provide invaluable product knowledge and hands-on, interactive experiences with Ghanaian farmers and other producers and processors. To learn all about the cultivation, harvest, production, packaging and other processing aspects for shea butter, cocoa, and other products, book a product tour with Celmar Travel and Tours today!