Mary N. Oluonye

People, places, cultures and traditions, as well as the idea of global citizenry are my passions.  I travel vicariously through reading books about countries, and by talking with people from different parts of the world.  When I am able, I board a plane and travel to someplace new.  I firmly believe that the willingness to learn about people different from oneself leads to greater understanding, respect and peace between people of different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, etc.  If you have an opportunity to travel and meet new people, I say, ‘Go for it!’

It took only one trip to Ghana for me to fall in love with the land and people of Ghana.  As I was leaving Ghana, the immigration-customs officer asked if I had enjoyed my stay.  I told him that I had. “What did you like best about our country, Madam?” he asked.  I replied without hesitation: “The people.”  Not only does Ghana have amazing natural beauty, numerous historical and cultural attractions, the courtesy and friendliness of individual Ghanaians, and the country in general, is incredible.

The idea for Celmar Travel & Tours, a Ghana and U.S. based company, was born in Accra during a rainy late night conversation between Mary (that’s me), Celestine and Victor. What better way to share the Ghanaian experience with others than to encourage people to visit, and for us to have the privilege of taking visitors on guided tours around Ghana to observe this remarkable country for themselves.

So here is your invitation:  Come Experience Ghana with Celmar Travel and Tours.  We’ll meet you at the airport, and take it from there!

Fast Facts about Mary

  • Nigerian-American
  • Traveler since the age of 6 months
  • Published author of children’s books
  • Speaker: Multiculturalism/Global citizenry/Self-esteem