Cosmos Sracooh

Meet Cosmos Ata Sracooh, our Tour Manager, Tour Guide and Training Director.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of tourism and hospitality, as both a Tour Guide and Trainer, Cosmos is a virtual “walking encyclopedia” of knowledge where it comes to the diversity of Ghana’s land, history, people, commerce, traditions, plants and animals, and attraction sights.  He knows the terrain, to say the least.  Coupled with this is his attention to detail and insistence on excellence.

In addition, Cosmos has trained countless tourism, hospitality and service delivery players across the country and brings his unflagging passion to the design, development and delivery of innovative training packages in Tour Guiding, Tour Operation and Customer Care.

So here is your invitation: Join Cosmos on a tour, or take a course with Cosmos to learn from the best!  He is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.