Celestine Afatsawo

I am a self-motivated, hard working woman of high self-esteem. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to motivate my siblings to venture into self-employed businesses apart from their paid jobs. I have shared my time management skills and results oriented zeal with a lot of people that have come my way. I have been a mentor to many young people who have worked with me either domestically, or in my businesses outside my home. Most of them have gone back to their homes and villages motivated to do something for themselves instead of depending on their parents or husbands.

My passion is to encourage young girls and boys to acquire some level of education in order to gain knowledge of how to go about their self-employed businesses and goals.  I firmly believe that education is the key to empowering women, raising their self-esteem and at the same time raising the self-esteem of society in general.

I hold an HND in Purchasing and Supply, and a B.Sc. Administration (Accounting Option). I worked with ABB Ghana Limited for three years as a Purchasing Officer and as an Account Head with Internet Ghana Limited for eight years.

Because of my entrepreneurial spirit I have owned and managed several small businesses, including batik making, bread bakery, grocery, stationery shop and African clothing boutique. I partnered with an African-American friend to open an African import store in the USA, where I exported batik materials, Bubu, and men’s shirts and trousers made from batik material.  I purchased our local beads and fashioned them into necklaces and bracelets, which were also exported to the store and sold. I also exported shea butter to the shop in the USA for sale.

Currently, I am a co-founder and Director of Celmar Travel and Tours Limited, as well as the Tour Services Coordinator.  My core responsibilities include:

  • Day to day operation of the office,
  • Personnel management,
  • Acquiring the necessary accreditation for the smooth running of the business,
  • Organizing the necessary documents and contacts on behalf of Celmar for tourist arrival,
  • Coordinating and overseeing all aspects of tours,
  • Arranging transport, accommodation and meals etc. for our tourists in Ghana.


It has always been my wish to interact with people from all walks of life, especially women, and to identify and empower the weak who do not see the importance of their role as a woman in their home, hence, the creation of one of our tour packages which is dear to me: “Women’s Empowerment and Intercultural Dialogue”. This tour will always be offered each year.  I encourage women to purchase this package and come together as women – to learn from each other, and to gain knowledge that will empower and encourage women to see themselves as a better half of their husbands instead of as the weaker vessel, as women are so often referred as.

African women, and indeed, women all over the world, visit Ghana, and Celmar Travel and Tours can help bring out the real woman within. School and intercultural placement is also one of the tour packages we offer. Celmar Travel and Tours can assist young Ghanaian graduates to identify and apply for educational experiences in Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. Young graduates outside Africa, can also be assisted in coming to Ghana, or any other African country, to experience unforgettable educational and cultural experiences.