Cocoa Trail Tour




The cocoa crop has been the bedrock of Ghana’s economy since the early 1800s. Its cultivation is concentrated in the heart of the country, particularly across the vast tropical rainforests of the Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Western and Volta regions. The cocoa harvested in Ghana is of premium quality. It is a vital export commodity and the highest foreign exchange earner for the country. Cocoa is the fundamental ingredient in delicious, edible chocolate products and is also used in the cosmetics industry as a key ingredient in soaps, moisturizers and a wide range of other skin and hair care products.

Our Cocoa Trail tour acquaints participants with this wonderful gift of nature: Cocoa “the golden bean of Ghana! Participants experience Cocoa: 101 and learn about the origins of cocoa in Ghana, as well as the production process, from the planting stage to harvesting and drying of the pods in preparation for transport to marketing sites for sale. Our tour includes visits to farms, cottages and hamlets where interesting aspects of traditional lifestyle is poignant.  One can literally spend a whole season in Ghana to fully understand the cycle of cocoa cultivation.

An added bonus of this tour is the juxtaposition of the history of the slave trade and the culture of the Ghanaian people with the attraction of the “golden” resources of Ghana.



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